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Perimeter security also referred to as perimeter protection, is a security solution utilizing technology to secure a property’s perimeter or site from unauthorized access.

Generally speaking, perimeter security is exactly what you‘d think — security fencing and gates. However, advanced technology takes it a step further to integrate additional barriers giving you added protection and security against intrusion.



Security fences are a basic security stable used to protect large areas on your property. Security fences designed for commercial perimeter protection can often withstand cutting the fence and even vehicles attempting to drive through it.


  • You get long term value for your initial investment
  • It can offer an appealing aesthetic to the property
  • It’s an easy way to help safeguard your property and employees against unwanted guests


A device is mounted on one end of a fence row, and the other is mounted at the opposite end. When the devices are activated, an infrared light connects the two ends creating the invisible light beam. If someone or something walks through a light beam, the alarm is tripped, alerting authorities of the breach.


  • With several light beams along each fence line, it drastically decreases someone’s chances of making it onto your property.


Capturing intruders on camera is imperative for perimeter protection. The latest in video technology now allows video surveillance to only send alerts when it distinguishes that the motion is from a Human or a Vehicle. You can utilize this enhanced video technology independently of any other system or incorporate it with your other perimeter protection systems for added security.


  • e visual evidence of what’s happening in the area
  • You will ONLY receive alerts when the motion is caused by a human or vehicle

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